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The four rocks that create dive site the Indians are named after its form resembling an Indian Headdress.

Name Dive Site:Indians
Depth: 2-20m (6-65ft)
Inserted/Added by: bviscubadive

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When viewed after copious quantities of rum punch, the four rocks protruding from the sea near Norman Island are said to resemble an Indian headdress, hence its name the Indians. From your sober perspective, you may disagree with the analogy, but you will agree it is a wonderful dive.

Descending from waist deep water to about 60' (20m) the Indians are home to a variety of dive experiences. There is beautiful coral and innumerable species of reef fish. A small cavern is fun to play in and the tunnel makes for a colorful pass through. The sheer cliff walls of the rock face are draped with an incredible variety of marine life forms. This is also an excellent location for the non-divers in your group to try snorkeling.

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