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              1. Alice in Wonderland : The amazing corals of the fairytale Alice in Wonderland make this one of the best dive sites in the British Virgin Islands.
              1. Dry Rocks East : The shallow dive Dry Rocks East is known for its rare and unusual critters and marine species.
              2. Marie L., Pat, Beata : The cargo boat Marie L. and the tugboats Pat and Beata were artificially scuttled in the end of the last century.
              3. MV Inganess Bay : The intact 136 foot long wreck the M/V Inganess Bay looks spooky but beautiful as you descent.
              1. RMS Rhone : The R.M.S. Rhone is an old cargo vessel that wrecked in 1867 at a reef at Salt Island.
              1. Blonde Rock : The plateau at dive site Blonde Rock is where you can find an arch, maze, overhangs and excellent coral.
              2. Dead Chest Island : Dead Chest Island is named after the loss of 15 'employees' of pirate Blackbeard when he left them on this remote island.
                  1. Indians : The four rocks that create dive site the Indians are named after its form resembling an Indian Headdress.
                  2. Rainbow Canyons : The dive Rainbow Canyons is named after the diversity and abundant colors of its reef fish and other marine life.